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About Christopher Newman
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CHRISTOPHER NEWMAN (b. 1970, Port Macquarie, Australia)

I am a printmedia artist and graphic designer from Woolloomooloo, Sydney. Most of my art is characterized by large printed works on paper, photographic screenprints and/or print installations, and my creative process basically embodies four phases, which are not necessary linear, but feed back into one another, namely research, visualization, design, and creation. Regardless of theme on focus, I try to understand and capture the nature of the human experience of being, as well the broader cultural and social arrangements that make up human lives. My formal education in the art world started in 1989 in my foundation year at Sydney College of the Arts, and culminated with a master’s degree obtained in 2004 at Wollongong University's Faculty of Creative Arts, since when I have never lost contact with academia, which constitutes a rich environment for creation process exchanges, in my view.

A few significant milestones include gaining entry into a French studio at the Cite in Paris, through an international competition in 2012, followed by a second invited residency in 2015. Furthermore, solo exhibitions have also shaped my curation, presentation, making art 'talk to each other in a space, floating and shadowing away from the wall, paper framed and unframed, using lighting and effects, promoting and gaining audience skills such as in my exhibitions in Australia: Terrigal, 2014, Sydney, 2013 and 2011, Wollongong, 2002; France: Paris, 2015 and 2012; and Argentina: Buenos Aires, 2010. As I reflect on my career as an artist, striving to obtain the undiscovered, I realize that art has no limitations and as such it is increasingly demanding of our complex creations and interpreted metaphors. Noteworthy is the fact that, art does not occur in isolation – it is created within and reflects society at the same time and, as such, I believe that different environments are capable of nourishing unique creation processes and help feed my constantly evolving identity as an artist. In this context, I try to access deeper aspects of myself and society through my artwork, as I convey existential messages and connect with my audience, whilst supporting and collaborating with other emerging, mid-career and well-established artists. My project for this prospective course in New York, U.S.A., would add extraordinary contextual texture, skills and new knowledge to my body of work.

Newman currently lives and works in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, Australia

BDes (Bachelor of Design-Visual Communication) – University of Technology, Sydney (1994)
MCA (Master of Creative Arts – Graphic Design and New Media) - University of Wollongong, NSW (2003)


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