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Image notes on this page are for the 2 artworks depicted and the exhibition Afterglow -
Frontside of invitation flyer for my Paris exhibition Afterglow at Cité Internationale des Arts, and Afterglow: Tricolor (White (and black)



Frontside design for my exhibition flyer for my Paris exhibition Afterglow at La Cité Internationale des Arts
Invitation to exhibition Paris, Afterglow series, 2012
Vernissage le mardi 18 septembre 2012 de 18hoo à 20h00
Exposition du 19 au 22 septembre 2012 de 14h00 à 19h00, entrée libre
Corridor, Cite Internationale des Arts, 18 rue de l' Hôtel de Ville, 75004, Paris

The flyer front depicts 3 different Serigraphy prints set up in the Tricolor or tricolour (from Latin tri- "three" and color "colour") .
The 3 works depicted on the flyer I designed were
Afterglow: Tricolor (1. duotone blue/black, 2. black and 3. white and red/black), screenprint/ sérigraphie.
Height (in cm) 92 Width (in cm) 72.5 each, 2012
These works were framed and hung separately in the exhibition but hung in a close grouping of 3 to get the Tricolor suggestion.


Afterglow: Tricolor (White (and black) from exhibition Afterglow at La Cité in Paris and later Afterglow: Tricolor (White (and black) is also winner of the acquisitive Tony Abernethy Memorial Award at the 2013 National Print Awards, Murwillumbah, N.S.W, Australia, 2013.

Afterglow: Tricolor (White (and black) ,above, from the exhibition Afterglow at La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, 2012 and later shown at the 2013 CPM National Print Awards, Tweed River Gallery, NSW in 2013, where it was the winner of the acquisitive Tony Abernethy Memorial Award.

The Tony Abernethy Memorial Award is for entries which examined 'the human condition'. Curator & Judge's appraisal:
"This print has an enigmatic 'film noire' quality that hints but does not reveal human drama and psychological tension. It is composed in a way that calls for close viewing and changing perspectives as the eye travels from foreground to background within the image, and is well printed and presented." (Anne Ryan)

The inspiration behind this work was to try and understand and capture the nature of the human condition and the broader cultural and social arrangements that make up human lives.



Afterglow - The exhibition at La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, 2012

As an alienated outsider surviving in a harsh urbscape, I came to Paris a stranger, but left feeling that I had glimpsed a little of the secret Paris behind the harsh lines of the Haussmann boulevards, an inner Paris of anarchic artists, ragged medieval buildings, a rich history of struggle and conflict, and a tenderness shown in fine traditions of humanism.

In an attempt to recapture or at least recall the feelings this inner Paris evoked, I used the afterglow effect of a sunset, employing subtle shades and an almost ghostlike effect, with an edgy, mysterious feeling, difficult to name, which can only be felt. I used moiré patterns like images from a halftone photo to stress movement and mystery. An old Renault approaches, like my life in Paris approaching, or the city's past - Apaches still dancing under the river bridges, a wild, Gallic heart, creative and vibrant.

In this exhibition of new screen-prints by Australian artist-in-residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts, I explore the afterglow of my residency in Paris, historical layering, memory and changing times. Fusing a late 30's Parisian scale-model with the environment of the early 60's architecture and interiors at the Cité Internationale de Arts and maps, I play with changing scales, time, light and places, using historical layering and cross-referencing, evoking a dream-like film-noir mystery with late 30's police cars exploring time-changing Parisian streets from the late 30's to the 60's to today.


Afterglow: Tricolor

Afterglow: Tricolor

Afterglow: Tricolor (above top - Tricolor: Blue and then above - Tricolor: Black and Red), 2012, screenprint/ sérigraphie. Height (in cm) 92 Width (in cm) 72.5 each

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